Mastodons’ Once More ‘Round the Sun Tour will Hit Dallas on Tuesday

imageThere can be no arguing that in the world of metal, especially in this current day, that Mastodon reigns supreme.

For years the Atlanta, Georgia outfit has been revered by metalheads, known for their intricate progressive songs that often push the traditional ideas of metal music to new heights. The innovative quartet is also set apart by the fact that bassist Troy Sanders, guitarist Brent Hinds and drummer Brann Dailor all do some singing, resulting in some captivating dynamics.

It’s the live show where you’re able to best admire those abilities, as they constantly rotate on who has the lead. It’s also something to marvel at the superb musicianship each of the four of them possess, and they are quite technical with their styles of playing.

With their newest and sixth studio release, Once More ‘Round the Sun, having been released earlier in the summer, it’s time Mastodon hit the road in support of it, doing a 21-city tour in the U.S., with a U.K./European tour following. Just a few days ago they kicked off the Once More ‘Round the Sun Tour, a tour that will no doubt see them playing several new cuts off this release, along with many of the classics beloved by fans.

They’ll be performing at South Side Music Hall in Dallas on October 21st, and if you’re a fan of music, metal or not, you can count on it being an experience you won’t want to miss out on.

Show info:
Tuesday, October 21st at South Side Music Hall in Dallas.
All ages.
Doors at 6:30 / Music at 7:30. Gojira and Kvelertak will open.
$33 day of show. Purchase advanced tickets HERE.

Thursday, October 16th, 2014 – Twenty One Pilots’ First Night in Dallas Transcends the Typical Concert Experience

Not just every band can pull off doing a two-night stand in one city. Originally, Twenty One Pilots wasn’t even going to, but then this Thursday night show sold out in a matter of weeks, resulting in the addition of a Friday night gig (which, too, sold out.)

The way it looked this night, you would have thought it was a Friday, though.

The streets were crawling with life as people made their way to the House of Blues; and once getting downstairs to the showroom, it looked like most people getting there at 7:30 were late to the party.

There was no way of weaseling your way up to the front. The crowd was already too large. Vinyl Theatre opened up the show, while the following act, Misterwives, left much of the crowd speechless, mainly because of frontwoman Mandy Lee’s powerhouse voice.

In patiently waiting for the band of the hour, fans were cheering everything, from the stage hands bringing the piano on stage to taking the sheet off that had been covering the drum kit. Everyone was clearly beside themselves over what they were about to see.

I first saw Twenty One Pilots eleven months ago, when they played here, and then in May of this year while out covering the Suburbia Music Festival. Their one of those bands you instantly like, not only because of their nonstop stage show, but also because they let their true colors show, making it feel like they’re no different from any of those watching them.

As darkness enveloped the room, a recorded voice (with a dignified British accent I might add) proceeded to speak to the crowd. “…Look around you. These are your people…” was one of the sentences. This was the “clique” (as they refer to their fans), and for the remainder of the night, it was as if everyone was connected with one another in some way.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun appeared in the shadows, receiving rave reaction as Joseph stood atop his piano, while Dun was elevated several feet in the air thanks to a massive drum riser. Both wore their signature ski masks as they kicked off their 74-minute long set with “Guns for Hands”, which had Joseph using the piano intermittently, racing around the stage when he wasn’t. At the breakdown, he was again standing on top of it, tossing the microphone from one hand to the other before he resumed singing. “…It’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist,” he sang, raising his fist into the air before the lights abruptly dimmed.

“Is there anyone out there?!” the frontman shouted as they segued into one song that everyone seemed to have a personal connection with, “Migraine”. My previous encounters with them have seen a lot of people knowing the songs, but nothing to the magnitude it was this night, and Joseph made use of it, allowing the fans to sing several of the lines on that one, including, “Sometimes, to stay alive, you’ve got to kill your mind.”

“…For when you remove the tricky tricks, only skeleton bones remain,” the narrating voice said, alluding to what was now coming. The two members returned to the stage with their clothing that has skeleton bones imaginary on it.

“…Some see a pen, I see a harpoon!” Joseph belted on “Ode to Sleep”, adding some extra emphasis to the last word of the first verse. It was then he ripped his mask off, revealing his face for the first time this night. “LET’S GO!” he roared as he sprinted towards the piano, again jumping and moving all over the stage when he wasn’t tied down to an instrument.

Dun knocked out a brief drum solo before swiveling over to the electronic drum pad beside him for “Screen”, while Joseph broke out his ukulele. It was the complete opposite of that often aggressively rapped song before it, but that diversity is one thing that makes Twenty One Pilots such a standout band. “Take it away!” Joseph told the audience, as the room filled with the collective voice, “…We’re broken people.”

“All my people, thank you so much for coming!” he exclaimed, before starting a bit that involved “Nigel” (the voice that had been doing some narrating). It was pretty entertaining as they conversed, with Joseph asking how their songs were sounding. “Pretty good,” Nigel replied, adding it wasn’t the music he had grown up with. The two “chatted” between each song, but this led to and entertaining medley of covers, from DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win” (which Nigel said was his jam back in the day) to “Bugatti” by Ace Hood, and even some Beyonce with “Drunk in Love”, which was apparently the song Nigel and his wife danced to at their wedding. It was good fun, giving everyone a laugh, before they turned back to their originals.

“I wrote this for my mom,” stated Joseph, garnering some massive cheers from fans. “House of Gold” is purely infectious and so upbeat and happy, while telling a story of wanting to take care of your parent later in their life. The last chorus belonged all to fans, who knew it by heart. “I will make you queen of everything you see. I’ll put you on the map, I’ll cure you of disease,” everyone crooned. It was a magical moment.

Apart from their current material, they threw in a handful of stuff from their past records, and “Forest” was one of those. It boasts a vehement rap portion, and when they got to that part, Joseph jumped onto the drum riser, spitting out the words as he knelt down towards the bass drum. They then reached back to their self-titled record with “Fall Away”, a song that included Jesse Blum of Misterwives, who added a lot of trumpet to the mix, making a smooth, funky sounding rap jam. It was a nice touch.

“This is an old one called Addict With a Pen,” Joseph informed everyone, as they stayed on their 2009 release with a slower, but no less lyrically powerful song. “…This song has a verse that my brother sang…” Joseph remarked in advance of the next song, saying he was going to give it a try. “By the way, we’re going to give you everything we have… This is music. Use it,” he added from behind his piano, getting a roaring response. They went back to the Regional at Best album (which is no longer in print or available for purchase), doing “Kitchen Sink”, which concluded with a smaller drum kit on a platform being brought out. It wasn’t handed out into the crowd, though. Instead, it sit at the forefront of the stage, and Dun made his way over to it, giving everyone a clear look at his forceful skills; while Joseph took over on the primary kit.

Afterwards, the vocalist grabbed his microphone, holding it above his eyes as if to block out some of the light so he could see better. He peered at the audience while covering the length of the stage, before approaching the crowd, who held him up for the first part of “Holding On to You”. This band really is all about their fans. When he did get back on stage, he lobbed the mic into the air, catching it with little effort. “Listen up! Listen up! Come on!” he instructed, as the crowd again got to use their voices.

The sounds of “Semi-Automatic” really pumped up fans, who were later told to get low to the ground. There was some hesitation, but no questioning as everyone knelt down, springing up as Joseph sang, “I’m semi-automatic; my prayer’s schizophrenic…” The platform with a smaller drum kit was again carried out, and this time it was passed into the audience, and Dun made good use of it, brutalizing the kit for the short time he used it.

Once he got back on the stage, they went right into the next number, and Dun proceeded to strike the top of the piano with his drumsticks, creating an interesting sound for the time he did it. “This is a duet featuring you,” Joseph pointed out, mentioning their show here the following night, saying he wanted to have a little friendly competition from night to night, and he was hoping this crowd set the bar so high that those who came to night two couldn’t top it. The duet was “The Run and Go”; and towards the end, he asked that each member of the audience find a partner, saying when he said, “Get up”, that was the signal for one person to lift the other onto their shoulders. Again, it was a super fun moment for the crowd.

With a keytar now in hand, Joseph and Dun closed their set with “Fake You Out”, which was complete with jumping (from everyone, on and off the stage). They even tacked on a portion of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” to the tail end of their original, and then came another piece that they had written, as Joseph sang about how happy they were to play the town again. There was also something that was a little saddening to fans, though. “…This is the last time we’ll play this place, where Vessel ruled the day…” That means next time they come to Dallas, they’ll have new songs in their arsenal, and will most likely not be doing Vessel in its entirety.

No one believed they were done. After all, this was the Quite is Violent Tour, and they still hadn’t done the song where that lyric comes from.

They eventually returned, and their 13-minute encore started with none other than “Car Radio”. “Sometimes quiet is violent. I find it hard to hide it…” fans echoed along with Joseph on that single. The ultimate part came towards the end, when after leaving the stage, Joseph appeared in the balcony, singing the remainder of the track up there. Some hoped his way down would be jumping, and there would have been plenty of people to catch him if he had, though that might have been too risky.

Instead, Dun played an interlude on the keyboard while the frontman wound his way back to the stage. “Truce” took no time at all to play; and then Joseph asked the spectators if they had one more in them. It was clear they did.

The final one was “Trees”, and he made sure everyone was as wrapped up in it as possible. The excitement escalated immensely near the end, when two platforms, each with a bass drum, were handed out to the crowd. When they got on them and got their footing to stand up, a sudden shot of confetti filled the air. I’d say it was raining the stuff, but it looked more like a blizzard.

It was an electrifying end to a show that never relented or had any weak spots.

This night saw a completely different Twenty One Pilots than I had seen before. Both previous times Joseph was still baffled by the fact that people actually knew these “silly little songs” he had written. The love and dedication they were shown was almost overwhelming to the young man. That’s something he seems to have become accustomed to in not even a full six months’ time.

He has learned to wield that to their advantage, as was seen a multitude of times this night, with all the crowd participation he instigated. And while he did use that in their favor, he never took the crowds immense love for granted, and it was clear both he and Dun where doing this all for the fans.

The band is completely genre-bending, even pushing the boundaries of current music. I think that’s part of what makes them so relatable, because they don’t fit a mold, sending the message that you’re meant to be you, and not who anyone else thinks you should be. Lyrically, their songs are just as deep, touching on a variety of topics that are identifiable.

That said, is hard as I think it will be for them to top Vessel, I feel confident they can; and I’m already anticipating the new songs they’ll be showing off whenever they return to Dallas.

The Quiet is Violent Tour is nearly over with dates in Europe and the UK scheduled for November, as well as a one-off date in Mexico City. Specifics can be found HERE. And if you don’t have their music, head over to iTUNES to pick it up.

Mastodon to Perform New Single, “The Motherload,” on The Late Show with David Letterman on October 27th


Mastodon has announced they will perform their new single, The Motherload,” on The Late Show With David Letterman on Monday, October 27th. In addition, "The Motherload" will be released as a special limited-edition 12” vinyl picture disc in honor of Record Store Day’s Black Friday celebration, which takes place on November 28th.

"The Motherload"
is the latest single from Mastodon’s current studio album ONCE MORE ‘ROUND THE SUN, which earned the band its highest U.S. and U.K. chart debuts ever, peaking at No. 1 on Billboard's Rock, Hard Rock, Tastemakers, and Alternative Album charts, as well as debuting at No. 6 on the Top 200 chart. As expected, ONCE MORE ‘ROUND THE SUN, has been applauded by the media as some of the finest work from Mastodon to date:

"The mercurial metal heads have improved on the lean hard-rock pummel of 2011’s the Hunter with lattices if ornate riffs and primal vocals…the band sounds best when taking risks." - Rolling Stone

"The band’s prog-metal potential stuns, with Dailor sounding like a young Ozzy over shredding guitars and enough drum dominance to blow out your speak system. Head-band on." - Spin.Com

"The Atlanta thrashers continue to walk a fine line between brutal hardcore, bespectacled math rock, and area-ready melody." - Entertainment Weekly / The “MUST LIST”

The globally-celebrated hard rock masters will kick off their fall North American headlining tour in support of ONCE MORE ‘ROUND THE SUN today, Wednesday, October 15th, in Boise, Idaho. The band will perform songs from the new album, along with crowd favorites from their five previous studio albums. The tour will once again feature the celebrated and previously sold-out lineup of
Gojira as main support and Kverlertak opening each show.

Mastodon tour dates:
10/15     Boise, ID                               
Revolution Center
10/16     Reno, NV                              Grand Sierra Theater
10/17     Pomona, CA                          Fox Theater
10/18     Phoenix, AZ                          Marquee
10/20     Austin, TX                             Stubbs Amphitheater
10/21     Dallas, TX                             South Side Music Hall
10/22     Kansas City, MO                   Uptown Theater
10/23     Madison, WI                          Orpheum Theater
10/24     Detroit, MI                              Fillmore
10/25     Ft. Wayne, IN                        Piere’s
10/28     Portland, ME                        
State Theater
10/29     Montreal, QC                         Metropolis
10/30     Providence, RI                       Lupos
10/31     Long Island, NY                     Paramount Theater
11/01     Sayreville, NJ                         Starland
11/02     Stroudsburg, PA                    Sherman
11/04     Baltimore, MD                        Ram’s Head Live
11/05     Knoxville, TN                         The International
11/06     Nashville, TN                         Marathon Music Works
11/07     Atlanta, GA                            Tabernacle
11/08    Orlando, FL                             Kinkfest

11/19    Dublin, Ireland                        The Academy
11/20    Belfast, UK                             The Limelight
11/22    Southampton, UK                   02 Guildhall
11/24    Manchester, UK                      Manchester Academy    
11/25    Newcastle, UK                        Newcastle 02 Academy
11/26    Glasgow, Scot                        Glasgow 02 Academy
11/28    Brixton, UK                             Brixton 02 Academy
11/29    Birmingham, UK                     Birmingham 02 Academy
12/01    Nottingham, UK                      Rock City
12/02    Bristol, UK                              Bristol 02 Academy
12/04    The Hague, Netherlands        Paard Van Troje
12/05    Torhout, Belguim                    De Mast
12/07    Spain, Madrid                         La Riviera
12/08    Barcelona, Spain                    Razzmatazz
12/10    Milan, Italy                              Fabrique
12/11    Pratteln, Switzerland              Konzertfabrik 27
12/12    Munchen, Germany                Backstage
12/13    Dortmund, Germany               FZW / Freizeitzentrum
12/15    Vesterbro, Denmark               Store Vega
12/16    Oslo, Norway                          Sentrum Scene
12/17    Stockholm, Sweden                Fryshuset
12/19    Helsinki, Finland                     The Circus

New Politics Kicking Off “Everywhere I Go” Fall Tour

imageNew Politics are getting ready to kick off their epic “Everywhere I Go” fall tour, hitting up 40 cities across the country throughout October and November.

The band just released the new single “Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens),” another huge track that fits in perfectly with Billboard's description: “Drawing from the Hives and early records by Chronic Future, the Brooklyn band employs a catchy chorus, angst-ridden shouts and aggressive power chords as its principal strategies.”

New Politics’ previous hit single "Harlem" was Top 5 at Alternative radio for 2 months, with follow-up "Tonight You’re Perfect" reaching Top 15 at Alternative as well. Both songs were synced across a wide variety of campaigns from the trailer for Disney’s Frozen to promos for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to commercials for Microsoft. The band is hot off a huge tour with Fall Out Boy and Paramore, and has also toured arenas with the likes of Jane’s Addiction, 30 Seconds to Mars and P!nk.

Tour Dates:
10/14     9:30 Club - Washington, DC
10/15     Cat’s Cradle - Carrboro, NC
10/16     The Fillmore - Charlotte, NC
10/17     Beacham Theatre - Orlando, FL
10/19     Revolution - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
10/21     The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
10/22     House of Blues - New Orleans, LA
10/24     Cain’s Ballroom - Tulsa, OK
10/25     House of Blues - Dallas, TX
10/26     Mohawk - Austin, TX
10/28     Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM
10/29     The Rock - Tucson, AZ
10/30     House of Blues - San Diego, CA
10/31     House of Blues - Anaheim, CA
11/01     Fonda Theatre - Hollywood, CA
11/02     The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
10/04     Hawthorne Theatre - Portland, OR
11/05     The Rio Theatre - Vancouver, BC
11/06     Neptune Theatre - Seattle, WA
11/07     Knitting Factory - Boise, ID
11/08     Murray Theater - Murray, UT
11/09     Gothic Theatre - Englewood, CO
11/11     Granada Theatre - Lawrence, KS
11/12     The Pageant - St. Louis, MO
11/13     Varsity Theatre - Minneapolis, MN
11/14     The Rave/Eagles Club - Milwaukee, WI
11/15     Deluxe at the Amber Room, Old National Centre - Indianapolis, IN
11/16     House of Blues - Chicago, IL
11/18     Bogart’s Cincinnati - Cincinatti, OH
11/19     Mercury Ballroom - Louisville, KY
11/20     House of Blues - Cleveland, OH
11/21     Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
11/23     The Opera House - Toronto, ON
11/25     Irving Plaza - New York, NY
11/26     Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
11/28     Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY
11/29     Theater of the Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA
11/30     Webster Theater - Hartford, CT

* All w/ SomeKindaWonderful and Bad Suns

Voodoo Vegas Premiere New Music Video for “No More”

image. “This is what rock should sound like now” - Classic Rock Magazine
"Attitude charged blusey hard rock" - Metal Hammer Magazine
"Voodoo Vegas dares you to have anything other than a good time" - Powerplay Magazine
. “Raw and explosive rock” - Big Cheese Magazine
"Refreshing, enticing and enjoyable" - Fireworks Magazine

UK rockers release new lyric video for ‘No More’ - taken from critically acclaimed debut album, ‘The Rise Of Jimmy Silver’.

'No More' captures Voodoo Vegas's full throttle driven, hard rock style perfectly.

Already winning accolades early on in their career (Best New Band at Pure Rawk Awards 2014 / No.1 in Classic Rock Magazine poll as voted for by the public) and receiving critical acclaim from music press and fans alike - Voodoo Vegas have honed their skills sharing stages with Glenn Hughes, Uriah Heep, Fozzy, The Wildhearts and Gilby Clarke.

Bournemouth’s finest recorded their debut album at legendary Rockfield studios and was produced by Multi-Brit award winning producer Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness, Therapy?, Joe Strummer, Enter Shikari).

This Saturday, 4th October 2014, Voodoo Vegas headline The Barfly, London UK before heading out to Europe as special guests to Y&T.

'No More' will be the last release from Voodoo Vegas's debut album - with the band expected to head back into the studio early next year to record new material with producer Ferreira for a brand new release, expected in 2015.

Live dates:
3 Oct - BASINGSTOKE - The Sanctuary - England
4 Oct - LONDON - The Barfly - England
11 Oct - CALELLA - Calella Rock Festival - Spain
16 Oct - ZWOLLE - Hendon Podium (w/ Y&T) - Netherlands 
17 Oct - ZOETERMEER - Boerderlj (w/ Y&T) - Netherlands 
18 Oct - UDEN - De Pul (w/ Y&T) - Netherlands 
19 Oct - VOSSELAAR - Biebob (w/ Y&T) - Belgium
2 Nov - SOUTHAMPTON - The Brook (w/ Y&T) - England
6 Nov - CHESTERFIELD - Real Time Live - England
7 Nov - CREWE - The Box - England
8 Nov - SELBY - Riverside - England
13 Nov - BRISTOL - The Tunnels - England
14 Nov - SHEFFIELD - The Corporation - England
15 Nov - MILTON KEYNES - Crauford Arms - England
16 Nov - NORTHAMPTON - King Billy - England
19 Dec - PARIS - Le Gibus Cafe - France
20 Dec - ARRAS - The Blue Devils - France

Echosmith Named VH1 “You Oughta Know” Artist for October + Ellen Appearance

imageAlt-pop breakout Echosmith has been named an official VH1 “You Oughta Know” Artist for the month of October. Since its launch in 2005, VH1’s “You Oughta Know” franchise has introduced promising new artists on the rise and served as a barometer for what and who’s hot in music today.  Many “You Oughta Know” artists have gone on to win industry awards and accolades including “Best New Artist” Grammy Awards and nominations. This highly acclaimed franchise has helped break artists such as Adele, Sam Smith, Lorde, and many more.

The past few months have seen Echosmith continue to solidify their status as 2014’s breakout band, with ubiquitous hit single "Cool Kids" dominating in multiple radio formats and charts. It’s currently in the Top 8 at Hot AC and #14 in Top 40, and just broke into the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100! The single is now certified Gold, which the band celebrated with a performance on The Today Show, and a brand new video premiered by MTV. The band will perform on Ellen on October 27.

The LA-based siblings are kicking off the 3-week Honda Civic Tour with American Authors tonight in Reno, NV before headlining their own tour in November with stops in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and more. Tickets for all shows are on sale now, with a full list of tour dates below.

Tour dates:
10/01     Knitting Factory - Reno, NV*
10/02    House of Blues - San Diego, CA*
10/03    The Observatory - Santa Ana, CA*
10/04    Club Nokia - Los Angeles, CA*
10/05    Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon - San Jose, CA
10/05    The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA*
10/07    Wonder Ballroom - Portland, OR*
10/08    Vogue Theater - Vancouver, Canada*
10/09    Showbox at the Market - Seattle, WA*
10/10     Knitting Factory - Spokane, WA*
10/11     Knitting Factory - Boise, ID*
10/13     The Depot - Salt Lake City, UT*
10/14     Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO*
10/16     Uptown Theater - Kansas City, MO*
10/17     Granada Theater - Dallas, TX*
10/18     Warehouse Live - Houston, TX*
10/19     Mohawk - Austin, TX*
10/24     Life is Beautiful Festival - Las Vegas, NV
10/29     Higher Ground - S. Burlington, VT
10/30    The Barbary - Philadelphia, PA
10/31     Davis & Elkins College Masquerade Ball - Elkins, WV
11/12      Jammin Java - Vienna, VA
11/14      Marlin Room at Webster Hall - New York, NY
11/16      The Middle East Downstairs - Cambridge, MA
11/19      Schubas Tavern - Chicago, IL

* Honda Civic Tour w/ American Authors

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Debut New Track ‘James Dean’ + Expand National Tour


Detroit duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have debuted new track “James Dean" at Esquire, who said the band has “embraced a mellower side perfect for the change in seasons by dropping this brand new single just before reworking their live set.” The single, now available for purchase HERE, is accompanied by their cover of The Tallest Man On Earth’s song “Revelation Blues.”
The band, consisting of Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott, have added dates to their upcoming fall North American tour, which will kick off on October 17th in Seattle, making a stop at LA’s brand new Regent Theatre, and concludes with two hometown shows at Detroit’s Crofoot Ballroom on November 22nd and 23rd. Madi Diaz, Miniature Tigers, and Mini Mansions are supporting. Tickets available now. http://www.showsnear.bydejjtour14

They’ve been out on the road in the past year in support of their critically acclaimed sophomore album,The Speed of Things, featuring the single Run,” which Paste named one of the “50 Best Songs of 2013.” The magazine also selected the band as one of “The 25 Best Live Acts of 2013.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s upcoming tour dates are as follows:
10/17 - Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA*
10/18 - Biltmore Cabaret - Vancouver, BC*
10/19 - Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR*
10/22 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA*
10/23 - Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, CA*
10/24 - The Regent Theatre - Los Angeles, CA*
10/25 - Orpheum Theater - Flagstaff, AZ*
10/27 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT*
10/28 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO*
11/7 - Scoot Inn - Austin, TX^
11/8 - Trees - Dallas, TX^
11/9 - Fitzgerald’s Upstairs - Houston, TX^
11/11 - Terminal West @ King Plow Arts Center - Atlanta, GA^
11/13 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY^
11/14 - 9:30 Club - Washington DC^
11/15 - Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY^
11/16 - The Sinclair - Cambridge, MA^
11/19 - The A&R Music Bar - Columbus, OH^
11/20 - 20th Century Theatre - Cincinnati, OH^
11/21 - Metro - Chicago, IL^
11/22 - The Crofoot Ballroom - Detroit, MI
11/23 - The Crofoot Ballroom - Detroit MI

Support From:
*Miniature Tigers & Madi Diaz
^ Mini Mansions

Pepper Announces U.S. Headline Tour


Southern California-based alternative rock reggae bandPEPPER is hitting the road this Fall with The Movementand New Beat Fund in tow. Unlike previous tours, VIP upgrades will be available for every show, which gives their fans an exclusive intimate experience. Tickets are on-sale now.

This national headline tour is in support of their most recent self-titled album that was released in the latter months of 2013 via The Island Def Jam Music Group. Their single"F**k Around" peaked at #19 on the Alternative Chart, which is the band’s highest charting song to date. Broadening beyond the surf rock that they have been known for, the band challenged themselves and ultimately made what they consider to be their best record to date. From the feel good, head-nodding "Deep Country" to the sunshine-filled jam "Hunny Girl" to the radio-friendly anthem "F**k Around (All Night)", Pepper really expands the band’s palette. Since the release of their self-titled album, the band has been gaining momentum with performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and ABC as part of the X Games.

The tour kicks off at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson, AZ on November 11th, heads cross-country to the East Coast, and then circles back to the West Coast to conclude at Santa Ana’s The Observatory on December 14th. VIP upgrades can be purchased for an additional $50 per person. This exclusive package includes: meet & greet, photo opportunity, admission to pre-show acoustic set (setlist determined by VIP buyers’ votes), autographed poster, and a commemorative VIP laminate. Purchase advance tickets and VIP upgrades HERE.

Formed in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1997, Pepper built a huge following through their six studio albums as well as their non-stop touring with bands such as 311, Slightly Stoopid, Snoop Dogg, Pennywise, Less Than Jake, and Flogging Molly as well as impressive sets at Lollapalooza, Miles High Festival, West Beach Music Festival, and numerous rounds of Jagermeister Music Tour and Warped Tour.

Fall Tour Dates:
Nov 10 Rialto Theatre Tucson, AZ
Nov 11 El Rey Theatre Albuquerque, NM
Nov 13 The Aztec Theater San Antonio, TX
Nov 14 Warehouse Live Houston, TX
Nov 15 House of Blues New Orleans, LA
Nov 17 Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola, FL
Nov 18 Cannery Ballroom Nashville, TN
Nov 19 Terminal West Atlanta, GA
Nov 21 Ziggy’s Winston-Salem, NC
Nov 22 NorVa Norfolk, VA
Nov 23 The Howard Theatre Washington, DC 
Nov 25 Union Transfer Philadelphia, PA 
Nov 26 Irving Plaza New York, NY
Nov 28 Rapids Theatre Niagara Falls, NY
Nov 29 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH
Dec 01 The Blue Note Columbia, MO
Dec 02 Majestic Theatre Madison, WI
Dec 03 The District Sioux Falls, SD
Dec 05 Top Hat Lounge Missoula, MT
Dec 06 Knitting Factory Concert House Spokane, WA
Dec 07 Venue Vancouver, BC
Dec 10 Senator Theatre Chico, CA
Dec 11 House of Blues West Hollywood, CA
Dec 12 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, CA
Dec 13 Majestic Ventura Theater Ventura, CA
Dec 14 The Observatory Santa Ana, CA

The Rabid Whole Release “Problems” EP With Full Album Stream Available Online

imageToronto based Alternative Rock band The Rabid Whole have released their highly anticipated “Problems" EP, available for streaming on their SoundCloud. The Rabid Whole will be touring in support of the “Problems" EP with Cyanotic on the Terminatour this fall.

Stream the “Problems” EP HERE.

Purchase The Rabid Whole “Problems” EP:

Terminatour Tour Dates:
09/26: Chicago, IL @ Metro (Cold Waves Festival) (Cyanotic only)
09/28: Chicago, IL @ Underground Lounge (The Rabid Whole only)
09/29: Ypsilanti, MI @ The Maidstone Theatre
09/30: Cincinnati, OH @ The Rakes End 
10/01: Cleveland, OH @ The Foundry 
10/02: Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st St Pub 
10/03: Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe’s 
10/04: Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club 
10/05: Montreal, QC @ Piranha Bar 
10/07: Ottawa, ON @ Zaphod Beeblebrox 
10/08: Providence, RI @DV8 
10/09: Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13 
10/10: New York, NY @ Tobacco Road 
10/11: Baltimore, MD @ Club Orpheus 
10/14: New Orleans, LA @ Dragon’s Den 
10/17: San Antonio, TX @ Limelight 
10/21: Albuquerque, NM @ Low Spirits 
10/22: Denver, CO @ 3 Kings Tavern 
10/26: San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge 
10/28: Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge 
10/29: Seattle, WA @ Highline 
11/01: Los Angeles, CA @ Bar Sinister 
11/03: Oklahoma City, OK @ Voodoo Lounge 
11/04: Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room 
11/05: St. Paul, MN @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall 
11/07: St. Louis, MO @ The Crack Fox 
11/08: La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse

Follow The Rabid Whole:
Rabid Whole Official
Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Bandcamp


Centro-matic’s December Tour Looks to be Their Last

image(Photo credit: Matt Pence)

Late last night, Centro-matic announced some news that was heartbreaking to fans: an indefinite hiatus.

That is, perhaps, putting it mildly, as the letter singer Will Johnson penned makes it sound like the long-running Denton-based band is officially done, saying that, “the time finally feels right to celebrate the existence of this thing, then let it rest.”

Few bands last two decades, especially if they never receive any commercial success, and why Centro-matic didn’t is beyond me.

I was late to the party in the first place, only becoming a fan within the last few years, but upon seeing them I was enthralled, not only by their amazing songs, but also by their superb performance.

In many ways, this does seem like a fitting time to end the band. Their eleventh and most recent album was titled Take Pride in Your Long Odds; and while the odds may have never been stacked in their favor, this band kept on, making music not only because they loved it, but also because their ever loyal fans did.

So, if you’re lucky enough to be in one of the thirteen cities the band will be stopping in this December, make sure you go see them. Celebrate their career with them and rejoice in the fact that they existed in the first place.

After all, Centro-matic may have never been iconic (at least not on a large-scale), but they are a legend in their own right. The last of a dying breed.

"One thing that has resonated with us increasingly since the start is the devotion, love and generosity within our community of fans.  We were never the most popular band on the block, but the kind of long-running support we’ve received has been something consistent and immeasurable. The climate of music has morphed into a pretty different thing since we started. Even as the times have changed around us, the connection with our fans has easily and always provided our biggest source of inspiration over this incredible journey." - Will Johnson

(If you are not acquainted with Centro-matic, you can download a 24-song sampler for free HERE.)

December 2014 Tour Dates:

Dec 04           Nashville, TN            Mercy Lounge
Dec 05           Athens, GA                Georgia Theater #
Dec 06           Raleigh, NC              Kings Barcade *
Dec 07           Washington, DC       DC9 *
Dec 09           Philadelphia, PA      Boot & Saddle *
Dec 10           Brooklyn, NY             Rough Trade *
Dec 11           New York, NY            Mercury Lounge ^
Dec 12           Allston, MA               Great Scott ^
Dec 14           Buffalo, NY                 Sportmen’s Tavern &
Dec 16           Chicago, IL                 Schubas Tavern ~
Dec 17           St Louis, MO              Off Broadway ~
Dec 19           Austin, TX                  The Parish +
Dec 20           Denton, TX                Dans Silverleaf ~
Dec 21           Denton, TX                Dans Silverleaf @

# with Dead Confederate
* with Elephant Micah
^ with Anders Parker and Cloud Badge
& with Roger Bryan and the Orphans
~ with Telegraph Canyon
+ with Monahans
@ with Slobberbone

Old Bridge, NJ Metal Band Lords of Mercy Announce Upcoming Tour Dates with Anvil

imageFormed in 2011, Asbury Music Award-nominees LORDS OF MERCY hark back to the early days of thrash metal, hailing from the hub of the East Coast heavy music scene. In addition, LORDS OF MERCY are connected to the notable New Jersey musical grassroots organization Old Bridge Metal Militia, which paved the way for some of today’s top heavy metal acts such as Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Anvil, and more.

Lead guitarist Danny Anniello states, LORDS OF MERCY are very excited to be doing more shows with Anvil. They are great guys and a great band that always goes full on and gives it all they’ve got. We are looking forward to playing in front of new audiences and kicking some new life into each stage that we rock. Like AnvilLords will be going full-on, so expect nothing less!”

Prevailing with a purpose to end the monotony of current trends and bring back the originality that put New Jersey on the heavy metal map, LORDS OF MERCY lead the fall touring season with a brief run of upcoming tour dates with Anvil. See below for a list of current tour dates, all within the tri-state area:

10/15 - Patchogue, NY @ The Emporium
10/16 - Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizon
10/17 - Long Branch, NJ @ The Brighton Bar

Do not confuse LORDS OF MERCY as a carbon copy of those bands of legends past, but rather a group of talented individuals breathing new life and innovation into a genre that is so easily repetitive and omitting passion and individuality. Listen for yourself by downloading the band’s full-length self-titled album released in December via Main Man Records, available here via iTunes:

Through their significant connections with some of history’s hottest musical talent, LORDS OF MERCY has garnered respect from local fans and musicians alike, commanding a packed crowd while remaining grateful for the support of those sharing the scene.

Snot Reunite For U.S. Tour Playing Classic “Get Some” Album In It’s Entirety

imageLegendary Punk / Funk / Rock band SNOT has announced that they will be reuniting once again for a full U.S tour in which they will be performing their classic “Get Some" album in it’s entirety. He Is Legend, Thira, and Lydia Can’t Breathe will offer support. The tour kicks off on November 28th in Palm Desert, California and wraps up on December 23rd in Pomona, California. More dates will be added soon, so make sure to follow SNOT on Facebook for updates.

SNOT guitarist Mikey Doling says of the upcoming tour “I want to let you know we are ready to rock out as hard as humanly possible with all you SNOT heads around the world on our first world tour. I hope you’re ready cause we have a ton of massive energy to bring to you. SNOT is something special to us. We will enjoy playing our debut and only record GET SOME in it’s entirety for you live for all you die hard SNOT HEADS! SAY SOMETHING FOR THE RECORD TELL THE PEOPLE WHAT YOU FEEL!!

SNOT lead singer Tommy Vext adds “Words cannot describe how excited I am to be getting back in the road with my brothers in SNOT. It is a privilege to play with a band that has had an indeterminable influence over countless artists from the bands inception & thereafter. I’m honored to pay tribute Lynn Strait and offer Snot fans on an international level the live experience they may not have yet enjoyed.”

Tour dates:
11/28: Palm Desert, CA @ Shcmitty’s Tavern 
11/29: Las Vegas, NV @ Dive Bar 
11/30: Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theater 
12/01: Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue 
12/02: Denver, CO @ The Roxy 
12/04: Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom 
12/05: Des Moines, IA @ Wooly’s 
12/07: St. Paul, MN @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall 
12/09: Joliet, IL @ Mojoe’s 
12/14: Dallas, TX @ Trees 
12/15: Houston, TX @ Scout Bar 
12/16: San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live 
12/17: Austin, TX @ The Dirty Dog Bar 
12/19: Phoenix, AZ @ Club Red 
12/20: Tucson, AZ @ The Rock 
12/22: San Diego, CA @ The Soda Bar 
12/23: Pomona, CA @ The Glass House

More dates to be announced soon!

Sunday, September 7th, 2014 – The Picturebooks Powerhouse Performance in Dallas Proves Rock is Alive and Well

Despite being a free show at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, there wasn’t much of a crowd on this Sunday. That can’t be totally unexpected, given the bill consisted of a couple local acts and a touring band that I doubt anyone was familiar with beforehand.

Still, a little more than fifty people or were scattered around the massive patio that houses the outdoor stage; and those who did show up were rewarded with a show that they will not soon forget.

Headlining this night was a duo who originated from Gütersloh, Germany known as The Picturebooks, and this marked the first show of their U.S. tour.

No one really knew what to expect from this group. Even what style they would be was most likely a mystery to all, which made it all the more shocking when they began their set right at 10:15.

There was a lengthy instrumental intro, and right away the onlookers were shown just how heavy The Picturebooks were going to be. The sound the two produced was massive; and Fynn Claus Grabke banged his head and slammed his guitar down to several of the beats Philipp Mirtschink was hammering out.

They immediately transfixed people with that, and after warming up not only the crowd, but also themselves, they were ready to get down to business. “PCH Diamond” showed off the groups’ bluesy rock side, and really highlighted Grabkes’ voice and the great tones he is capable of. Mirtschink got plenty of attention too, though. The drummer held a stick in one hand, using that on the floor tom, while he struck another drum with the palm of his hand for a bit, before grabbing a shaker with sleigh bells on it, creating a cool effect.

They were on the attack, and the word “break” often seemed to be one they were unfamiliar with, as they tackled one song right after the other. They did what was almost like a prelude, with Grabke continuing to belt out the words, before stopping as he went and hastily changed guitars. “Woman what are you doing? Woman, who are you fooling?” he sang after getting back in front of the mic, the first lines from “Woman”, which quickly escalated from its hushed beginnings. It was drenched in raw emotions; and they reeled in the crowd further with it, providing plenty of moments to bang your head to. There was even a point where Grabke needed to adjust one of his pedals, but not wanting to skip a line, he quickly removed the mic and unwound it from the stand so he could hold it as he fiddled with his gear.

The applause that followed was almost as massive as their music had been, and they weren’t about to slack up. “1000 Years Of Doing Nothing” was every bit as catchy as it was powerful; and when hitting a brief lull, both Mirtschink and Grabke let their instruments fall silent and began clapping along. The crowd quickly picked up on that, and decided to help them out. However, the part that got everyone wide-eyed was when Grabke raised his axe in the air — holding it horizontally — before suddenly pulling it towards his face and assaulting the strings with his teeth.

Mirtschink fired up their next number; and sweat dripped from his hair as he laid into his kit, producing some forceful beats. Grabke used a slide for the next couple of songs, one of which I’m fairly certain was a rendition of The Ramones’ “The KKK Took My Baby Away”. Regardless what it was, there was a point where Grabke used his fingers to pluck the strings of the guitar instead of the pick, which just looked cool; and he knelt down to mess with his pedal board at another point, creating a loud buzzing effect.

All night long Mirtschinks’ floor tom had seemed to be trying to escape from him, and before going any further, he moved it back over as close as he could towards him, then started on the rapid, steady beat that persists for much of “E.L.I.Z.A.B.E.T.H.”. It was somewhat haunting in a way, as Grabke nearly whispered into his microphone, but once it roared to life, the kick drum was shaking the wooden boards of the deck.

“Thank you all so much,” Grabke told the spectators afterwards, kind of apologizing for the technical difficulties they had been having, and he laughed it off, joking that since this was their first show of the tour, something had to go wrong. However, the difficulties they were faced with went almost unnoticed by the audience, who was just caught up in this stellar performance.

“This song’s called Fever,” he stated before yet another song off their forthcoming album. Mirtschink laid his right arm over the tom to secure it, which worked, at least until he had to use that hand to drum as well. It was clear by this point that The Picturebooks were a rock band, the likes of which you just don’t see too often anymore. They had been offering up pure, unadulterated rock, which made the next sentence Grabke uttered quite surprising. “This is a cover version of the one and only Madonna,” he stated.

I don’t know if everyone even took him seriously at first, or just thought that was a joke. It wasn’t.

I doubt “Lucky Star” has ever sounded the way these two guys made it sound this night. The percussion was deafening; the vocals were gritty; and to cap it all off, it was an explosion of hard rock. Grabke got super into it, moving all over the stage and whipping his hair out of the way whenever it covered his face. They managed to turn that old pop number into something entirely different, and I actually thought it was one of their best songs of the night.

Mirtschink led them right into their next number, as they brought things back down with the gentle and often sweet, “All Of My Life”. “The Rabbit And The Wolf!” Grabke shouted before they kicked things back up several notches with the song by that name. Mirtschink again used his hand to strike one of the drums for a time on that high-energy number; and as it ended, he finally used the decent sized bell that was set up to his right, which created a good chiming effect.

“This is going to be our last song of the night…” Grabke then informed everyone, which truly seemed to astonish the crowd, and certainly disappointed them. They may not have had many, if any, fans when they rolled in to town this day, but they had made a lot in their short time on stage. He went on to say this was the first single off Imaginary Horse, which is due out exactly one month from this gig.

They ended their 41-minute long set in the same vein it had begun: with a fiery track that evokes some aspects of the blues. It was titled “Your Kisses Burn Like Fire”. They might have been almost done, but Mirtschink wasn’t out of the woods just yet; and after the periodic technical difficulties this night, the microphone he had was hit and subsequently fell out of its stand. No harm, no foul, though.

The crowd was hoping for something more from these guys, and they made it well known.

Just before giving up hope, the duo returned to the stage, and Grabke let everyone know it was a B-side they had for everyone. “It’s called ‘Hail These Words’,” he said. Then it hit him. “Actually, it’s not a B-side, it’s on the album,” he laughed as he looked at his band mate. It was a good one to end with, providing a sharp rise and fall at a few points during it.

The band left the stage revered by all who had come out to Gas Monkey this night; and people swarmed the merch table when they eventually made their way over there.

A lot of people say rock is dead. That’s far from being true. In mainstream music, yeah, perhaps it is. On radio stations you don’t hear many true rock bands these days, bands the likes of which dominated the charts in the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s. But just because you don’t hear any good rock bands on that medium doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.

Case in point: The Picturebooks.

These guys had such a robust sound to be just a guitar and a drum kit (I should note, Mirtschink didn’t have a single cymbal on his kit, either), and the music they made was some of the thickest, heaviest sounding rock ‘n’ roll I have heard in a long time. Their live show was every bit as impressive, too. You were often left in awe of the musicianship they displayed; and given how much extra room was left on stage, they did an incredible job of filling every single inch of it.

I’d go as far as saying this was one of the most entertaining and overall amazing live shows I’ve seen from a band, and it would be well worth going out of your way just to experience a show firsthand.

The Picturebooks trek across America will last through the end of the month, hitting Missouri; Michigan; Illinois; Indiana; Minnesota; Nebraska; Kansas; Colorado; Idaho; and California. After that, they’ll return to Europe for a nearly two month tour. Specific dates for everything can be found HERE. You can also pre-order Imaginary Horse in iTUNES, and get a couple of tracks instantly if you do so.

The Phuss Release New Music Video; Announce October Tour

imageDallas favorites, The Phuss, recently released a video for “I Don’t Feel Good”, one of the singles off their forthcoming LP - their first since signing with Magnetic Eye Records.

The footage was filmed a few months back, and takes place at a house party. Basically, it perfectly embodies everything The Phuss is about.

Both the video and the song are about letting loose and having a good time, and if debauchery happens to be involved, well… that just makes it all the better.

The release date for On The Prowl is slated for October 14th, and in support of the record, the trio will be hitting the road, going down to Florida and up the East Coast, before heading back and eventually ending it in Oklahoma.

They’ll be spending nearly the whole month out traveling, and if they’re coming to a town near you, you don’t want to miss out on the gritty, raw performance they are known for.

Tour dates:
10/2 - Dallas, TX @ Three Links

10/3 - Austin, TX @ Spider House Ballroom

10/4 - Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live

10/5 - Pensacola, FL @ The Handel Bar

10/6 - Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub

10/7 - Gainesville, FL @ Loosy’s

10/8 - Atlanta, GA @ The Basement

10/10 - Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway

10/11 - Richmond, VA @ Wonderland

10/12 - Washington DC @ The Velvet Lounge

10/15 - Baltimore, MD @ Club K

10/16 - Philadelphia, PA @ Dobb’s

10/17 - Asbury Park, NJ @ Wonderloft

10/18 - New York City, NY @ Piano’s

10/19 - Providence, RI @ Dusk

10/20 - Cambridge, MA @ T.T. the Bear’s

10/21 - Albany, NY @ The Low Beat

10/23 - Detroit, MI @ The Lovely Touch

10/24 - Louisville, KY @ The Mag Bar

10/25 - Ft. Smith, AR @ The Elephant Room

10/26 - Tulsa, OK @ The Yetti


Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen Earn 4 IBMA Award Nominations, Including Instrumental Group of the Year

imageHot on the heels of their Aug. 12 Compass Records release, Cold Spell, Washington, D.C.’s Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen learned they received multiple 2014 International Bluegrass Music Award nominations, including a repeat nomination for Instrumental Group of the Year. And last week, the album entered Billboard’s Bluegrass Music Chart with a Hot Shot Debut at No. 3.

The Nashville-based International Bluegrass Music Association also nominated bandleader Solivan for Male Vocalist of the Year and Mandolin Player of the Year, and 2013 Banjo Player of the Year winner Mike Munford earned another nomination for that award. In 2013, guitarist Chris Luquette received the Momentum Award for Instrumentalist of the Year, a performance award. The band, which also includes bassist Danny Booth, was nominated for Recorded Event of the Year and Emerging Artist of the Year in addition to the Instrumental Group nod.

The 25th annual International Bluegrass Music Awards will take place October 2 at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh, N.C., as part of IBMA’s World of Bluegrass Week.

In addition to appearing in Raleigh, the band’s got a full schedule of tour dates through October, starting with a week in Sorrento, British Columbia, at the Nimble Fingers Bluegrass & Oldtime Music Festival. (See list below.)

Following their appearance in June at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, No Depression’s Jake Schepps wrote: “Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, with their blazing IBMA Banjo Player of the Year Mike Munford, put on a fantastic show … I love this band. Great energy and superlative musicianship.”

The band’s 2013 Compass Records debut, On The Edge, reached the top 10 on Billboard’s Bluegrass Albums chart. With guests Leon Alexander, Sam Bush, John Cowan, Rob Ickes and Megan McCormick, Cold Spell is poised to do the same. For a look at what the excitement’s about, view their performance of “No Life in This Town,” recorded by videographer Dan Foldes at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

For ticket information and show updates, check

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen tour dates:
Aug. 23-29 – NimbleFingers Bluegrass & Oldtime Music Festival, Sorrento, B.C., Canada
Aug. 31 – Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival, Woodstown, N.J.
Sept. 4 – The Tractor Tavern, Seattle
Sept. 5 – Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland, Ore.
Sept. 6-7 – Sisters Folk Festival, Sisters, Ore. (with Peter Rowan)
Sept. 12 – Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
Sept. 13 – The Cooperage (RiverFolk Concerts), Honesdale, Pa.
Sept. 14 –Hill Center (American Roots Music Series), Washington, D.C.
Sept. 14 – Hampstead Hill Festival, Baltimore 
Sept. 18 – Ashland Coffee & Tea, Ashland, Va. (CD release show)
Sept. 19-20 – Berlin Fiddler’s Convention, Berlin, Md.
Sept. 20 – Dogfish Head Brewpub, Rehoboth Beach, Del.
Oct. 1 – IBMA World of Bluegrass (live broadcast), Raleigh, N.C.
Oct. 2 – MerleFest Bluegrass Ramble, Raleigh, N.C. 
Oct. 4 – Albino Skunk Music Festival, Greer, S.C.
Oct. 10 – Station Inn, Nashville
Oct. 17 – Bloomin’ Bluegrass Festival & Chili Cook-off after-party, Night Hotel, Dallas
Oct. 18 – North Caroline High School (Caroline County Council of Arts benefit), Ridgely, Md.
Oct. 19 – Philadelphia Folksong Society (with Spuyten Duyvil), Philadelphia
Oct. 24 – Palmetto Brewing Co. (the Loading Dock Series), Charleston, S.C.
Oct. 25 – Edisto Island Mostly Bluegrass Festival, Edisto Island, S.C.

Follow Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen: