Former Contestants from Hit Show “The Voice” Reunite for North Texas Benefit Concert

imageFour contestants competing against one another for a record deal on season six of NBC’s Emmy Award winning hit TV show “The Voice” will share the local spotlight soon for a good cause. The former national singing competition contestants whom sang and battled their way into the hearts of fans worldwide will perform together at Granville Arts Center Brownlee Auditorium on November 1, 2014. Fans from as far away as Brazil are expected to attend the show to help benefit children suffering from chronic or terminal illness.

Texas favorite former rocker turned Soul artist Stevie Jo Rosenbalm who finished the show as a top five finalist on Team Usher is headlining the show. Rosenbalm will be joined by R&B singer T.J. Wilkins, country rocker Morgan Wallen, and Texas Pop singer Clarissa Serna. All performers will play songs from the show as well as talk about how their lives have changed since joining the national singing competition.

50% of the concert proceeds will benefit the late Dallas, Texas and beloved national DJ Kidd Kraddick’s charity called ‘Kidd’s Kids’ that helps children with fatal or chronic illnesses go to Disney World.

Tickets for “Untapped: The Stevie Jo Experience” are currently available online at

For More Information on Kidd’s Kids please visit:

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Debut New Track ‘James Dean’ + Expand National Tour


Detroit duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have debuted new track “James Dean" at Esquire, who said the band has “embraced a mellower side perfect for the change in seasons by dropping this brand new single just before reworking their live set.” The single, now available for purchase HERE, is accompanied by their cover of The Tallest Man On Earth’s song “Revelation Blues.”
The band, consisting of Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott, have added dates to their upcoming fall North American tour, which will kick off on October 17th in Seattle, making a stop at LA’s brand new Regent Theatre, and concludes with two hometown shows at Detroit’s Crofoot Ballroom on November 22nd and 23rd. Madi Diaz, Miniature Tigers, and Mini Mansions are supporting. Tickets available now. http://www.showsnear.bydejjtour14

They’ve been out on the road in the past year in support of their critically acclaimed sophomore album,The Speed of Things, featuring the single Run,” which Paste named one of the “50 Best Songs of 2013.” The magazine also selected the band as one of “The 25 Best Live Acts of 2013.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s upcoming tour dates are as follows:
10/17 - Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA*
10/18 - Biltmore Cabaret - Vancouver, BC*
10/19 - Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR*
10/22 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA*
10/23 - Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, CA*
10/24 - The Regent Theatre - Los Angeles, CA*
10/25 - Orpheum Theater - Flagstaff, AZ*
10/27 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT*
10/28 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO*
11/7 - Scoot Inn - Austin, TX^
11/8 - Trees - Dallas, TX^
11/9 - Fitzgerald’s Upstairs - Houston, TX^
11/11 - Terminal West @ King Plow Arts Center - Atlanta, GA^
11/13 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY^
11/14 - 9:30 Club - Washington DC^
11/15 - Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY^
11/16 - The Sinclair - Cambridge, MA^
11/19 - The A&R Music Bar - Columbus, OH^
11/20 - 20th Century Theatre - Cincinnati, OH^
11/21 - Metro - Chicago, IL^
11/22 - The Crofoot Ballroom - Detroit, MI
11/23 - The Crofoot Ballroom - Detroit MI

Support From:
*Miniature Tigers & Madi Diaz
^ Mini Mansions

Saturday, September 27th, 2014 – The Wind and The Wave Brave the Heat at Western Days

With it officially being fall it means it’s time for festival season to kick back into high gear.

Even the city of Lewisville gets in on the action with their annual Western Days Festival (sponsored in part by 99.5 The Wolf), taking place in the heart of historic downtown Lewisville.

All sorts of art and food vendors were set up along the multiple blocks they had blocked off; and there was plenty going on to entertain. Live music was one of the things that occupied some time; and, of course, that would be the thing that got me out here in the first place.

In all honesty, I was completely unaware of this festival until just a few days prior to it, when I happened to see a Facebook post from the Austin duo The Wind & The Wave, saying they’d be performing at it.

I had seen their first Dallas area gig about five months before (when they played the March Madness Music Festival that was happening in conjunction with the NCAA Championships), and I couldn’t pass up a second opportunity to see them, especially for free.

The weather was the exact opposite of how it had been back in April. Instead of light rain and chilly temperatures, the sun was out in force and there was not a cloud in sight. Actually, they may have preferred it the other way around, because this afternoon, the sun was beating right down on them.

It was 4:04 when Patricia Lynn picked up her acoustic guitar and Dwight Baker his electric; firing up a sample track with the drums and bass, as they opened with the incredibly infectious, “My Mama Said Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head”. They may have only had a couple dozen people watching them intently, but all of them seemed taken by the lead track from their From the Wreckage album, bobbing their heads to the music, while Lynn sang, “…Love taught me everything I know, everything I know. Sometimes you keep it near, sometimes you let go…”

“We are The Wind and The Wave from Austin, Texas,” she announced afterwards, thanking the city of Lewisville for, “having us at your intersection.” “It’s a lovely intersection,” added Baker, before moving on to the subsequent track off their debut record, “From the Wreckage Build a Home”, which was often haunting, but in a lovely way. “I want to rename this show Lewisville Skin Cancer 2014,” Baker cracked upon finishing it.

If you were fortunate enough to be in the shade, it wasn’t all that bad. Even the crowd at least at their backs to the sun’s rays, though the band had neither of those luxuries. “Sweat is rolling down into my eye balls and burning my eyes. That’s happening right now,” Lynn remarked. It may have been uncomfortable, but they weren’t going to let that stop them, as they carried on with a song about growing up and making your own way, as well as the importance of family, “Loyal Friend and Thoughtful Lover”. They then slowed things down some with “This House is a Hotel”, which at times showcased the higher register Lynn is capable of, and it sounded gorgeous. Baker had thrown in some harmonies here and there already this day, and did so again now, with the pair of them repeatedly crooning at the end, “It’s not at all good, but it ain’t that bad…”. “I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty bad. It’s pretty hot,” Baker cracked afterwards.

They continued with “When That Fever Finally Takes a Hold On You”; and Baker riffed on his axe while Lynn took a moment to tune her guitar before the following song. His electric guitar was far more prominent on “The Heart it Beats; The Thunder Rolls”, which had some semi-dark undertones at times. It’s just a very moody track. Then, they switched things up.

A mandolin had been sitting in plain sight behind Lynn, and now she exchanged her guitar for it, while Baker swapped to an acoustic. They used them for a couple of songs, like the cherry, “It’s a Longer Road to California Than I Thought”, as well as another tune. “We are The Wind and The Wave, as you can tell from the thunderous turnout,” joked Baker in between the two songs, also mentioning their debut record had recently come out on RCA Records.

After switching back to their acoustic and electric guitars, Baker also noted their single had come out eight weeks or so before, and it was in the Billboard Top 40 charts. “But not in Dallas,” he said playfully. “With Your Two Hands” was the single he spoke of, and it was by far the catchiest thing they did (which is saying something); and I doubt I was the only one who felt compelled to tap my foot along to the beat.

“It’s pretty hot. I still haven’t figured out why y’all are all standing here,” Lynn said to the crowd after that song. Not many people wanted to endure the heat, though they did have their section of fans out, while others I think quickly became fans of theirs. “You could fry an egg on this guitar,” she finished, before Baker chimed in, this time saying that Skin Cancer Jamboree 2014 would be a great name for this. He got serious, though, thanking the sponsors and the city for having them as a part of this, before doing their final original song of the afternoon, “Raising Hands, Raising Hell, Raise ‘em High”.

In closing, Baker mentioned they had been asked to record some covers for the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. “Last year, or maybe it was this year. It’s all running together. Shit, I don’t know,” he confessed. A timeframe didn’t really matter. The most important thing was they had done some covers, and one was a classic from Simple Minds.

They had to wait for the mandolin to “recover from sun exhaustion” as Baker put it; and once Lynn had it properly tuned, they did their version of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” to wrap up their 47-minute long set. They’ve made it their own, giving it more of a folk sound; and it was a fun one to end with.

It was a great performance; and for those who were fans, it was nice getting to hear nearly everything off their record.

What I like the most about The Wind and The Wave is all of their songs tell stories, and are often quite deep if you really pay attention to the lyrics. The clever banter is also a constant, and it makes them all the more entertaining. Let’s not forget about the phenomenal voice that resides in Patricia Lynn, which often leads you thinking, “Wow!”

Their Dallas fan base may not be strong in numbers yet, but it will be. Especially considering the national attention they have been getting for a while now.

They’ll actually be back in Dallas on October 10th at the House of Blues opening for Bernhoft, who they’ll be touring much of the country with from October through early November. A full list of their tour dates can be found HERE. Be sure to check out their record in iTUNES, too.

Get On It Presents Announces Dallas Mini Music Festivals!

, a national music booking and promotion company, announces a slate of roving mini-festivals intended to spotlight specific genres to help bands build a local scene with other like-minded bands. Each event will feature several bands of the same genre, allowing their fans to enjoy a full night of the music they love — be it Alternative, Psychedelic, Hard Rock, Funk, etc. The intention is to move these festivals around to different venues and to bring Dallas bands to other cities to play other mini-festivals that fit their music.

GET IT ON PRESENTS is headed by Lee Sobel who was a filmmaker before becoming a music promoter. The company currently puts on shows throughout the country. There are no fees to play these events - bands who would like to be considered for future events may reach the company through their website:

Friday, October 10th

Get It On Presents:
Dallas Blues Fest!

Liquid Lounge @ 2800 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75226, 214.742.6207; $10 admission - 17+ Admitted (Anyone Under 21 will be charged an additional $5 by the club)

Bands Performing:
8pm Taylor Castleberry
9pm Texez Mudd
10pm Light Horse Harry
11pm The Buffalo Parade

Friday, October 10th

Get It On Presents:
Dallas Alternarock Fest!

Bryan Street Tavern, 4315 Bryan Street, Dallas, TX 75204, 214.821.4447; $10 admission - 21+ w/ID

Bands Performing:
8pm My Lucky Lighter
9pm The Honest Mistakes
10pm Sparrow and the Clay

Friday, November 14th

Get It On Presents:
Dallas Alternarock Fest!

Bryan Street Tavern, 4315 Bryan Street, Dallas, TX 75204, 214.821.4447; $10 admission - 21+ w/ID

Bands Performing:
8pm My Lucky Lighter
9pm Drive Thru Society
10pm Treeside
11pm Slybot
12am King For President

Saturday, September 27th, 2014 – Reckless Kelly Pumps Up the Crowd at Western Days

With it officially being fall it means it’s time for festival season to kick back into high gear.

Even the city of Lewisville gets in on the action with their annual Western Days Festival (sponsored in part by 99.5 The Wolf), taking place in the heart of historic downtown Lewisville.

All sorts of art and food vendors were set up along the multiple blocks they had blocked off; and there was plenty going on to entertain. Live music was one of the things that occupied some time; and, of course, that would be the thing that got me out here in the first place.

One act I was eager to see was Reckless Kelly.

The Austin-based country/rock band is no stranger to the D/FW area, though I’ve never managed to make it to a show when they’ve been up here. They routinely headline some of the biggest venues in the area, though it would seem it’s easier to get people out to an air-conditioned venue later at night than it is to a (free) show in the great outdoors at six in the evening.

Don’t get me wrong, as there were several dedicated fans ready for them. A few dozen sat in folding chairs, with dozens more standing; and as it got later and the heat from the sun subsided, the number of eyes on them grew substantially.

The quintet made their way on stage as they were being introduced by one of the radio personalities; ripping right into their opener as soon as he had said what he needed to.

Immediately you could feel the massive presence they had in tow as they commanded everyone’s attention; and then they got into what was pretty much a full headline set.

Covers always interest me, mainly because some bands stay as far away from them as possible, while others have no problem with it, and quite enjoy putting their own twists on some classics. Reckless Kelly apparently fits into that latter category, and they opened with a deep cut from Bruce Springsteens’ catalog, “My Love Will Not let You Down”. The mandolin Cody Braun wielded helped in giving the song more of a country vibe, though it definitely retained its rock core; and singer and rhythm guitarist Willy Braun even gave The Boss a run for his money, belting out the song in a gritty, raw tone of voice. “Come on, boys!” he roared as they hit an instrumental break — almost like he was taking a cue from Springsteen’s playbook — as David Abeyta took the spotlight on a killer lead guitar solo.

They knew their time with everyone was short, and never wasted much time this evening; and now, drummer Jay Nazz rolled them right into their next track. “How we doing y’all?!” Willy excitedly asked the crowd, many of whom screamed back at him. “This is an Alejandro Escovedo song for you!” he informed everyone. Nazz held a maraca in one hand and a drumstick in the other, and his drumming on “Castanets” was absolutely phenomenal. He was completely in the zone; and at the break, Willy walked up on the drum riser and stood beside him and jammed for a few moments. The singer then made his way back to the forefront of the stage, hopping atop a monitor. “Come on!” he mouthed as he threw his hand in the air, further pumping up the spectators; before he and Abeyta concluded the song by facing one another as they shredded on their axes.

No one cared in the least that those were covers, because they owned both of them, but now it was time for some original music, and it started with the title track to their 2011 album, “Good Luck & True Love”. Its catchy hooks dug in to everyone, making them enjoy the show all the more, while plenty sung right along with the band, “…Maybe it was just one night of good luck and true love…”. As the guitars and drums fell silent, Joe Miller proceeded to lay down some hefty riffs on the bass, and Willy made sure to point him out, asking everyone to say “hi” to him. The Braun Brothers then got to show off their full vocal capabilities as they co-sung “Lonely All the Time”. Their voices were rich and vibrant, and when layered over one another, well, it resulted in the best thing they had done thus far.

“Here’s one y’all might remember from the old days,” Willy told the crowd. It appeared as if he was about to move on to the song, but then added, “And by old days, I mean, oh, about thirty years ago.” Abeyta now had a twelve-string guitar in his hands, using it as they handled another rock classic, this one coming from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Their rendition of “Listen to Her Heart” was stellar; and while they kept it pretty spot on, there were some slight tweaks here and there, giving it a bit of an Americana vibe.

The applause rang out while Willy played some riffs on his guitar, getting everyone excited before stopping. They teased everyone for just a bit, again acting as if they were starting the song before quitting. They kept it going the third time around, officially getting the more outlaw country tune “Crazy Eddie’s Last Hurrah” underway, and it was another one the audience thoroughly seemed to enjoy.

An acoustic guitar was brought out to Willy, who then told the onlookers they had a song about the road for them. He was referring to the lead track from the Bulletproof record, “Ragged as the Road”, a song that received some strong cheers as they started it. Upon finishing it, a fan shouted a request at them. “We’ll get to that one,” Willy told the person, politely joking with them by saying, “We know what we’re doing up here.” He mentioned this next one was the latest single from the record they released just one year ago. Willy and Cody again did some co-singing, this time on the melancholy “The Girl I Knew”. “…You come and steal my heart with your wild eyes shining, then you smile as you break it in two. What did you do with the girl I knew?” goes the poignant chorus, and the brothers delivered that emotion in their singing.

Before moving on, Abeyta switched to an acoustic guitar, while Willy grabbed his neck rack and harmonica. Miller and Nazz left the stage to those three for “Wicked, Twisted Road”. It may have been the slowest thing they did this evening, but it also the most powerful. You could tell the lyrics came right from the heart, and Willy appeared to be connecting with it on a deep personal level.

As they neared the end, Miller returned to the stage, grabbing his upright bass for the first time this night, and he began to tune. Nazz got back behind his kit shortly after; and when that song was over, Willy handed the reins over to Cody, who said they had “a little bluegrass” to play. “Wild Western Windblown Band” was the song, and it’s lively pace was the exact opposite from the previous few songs. It reinvigorated everyone, from the band to those watching; and Abeyta got to show off his skills some more on another nice solo.

The lead guitarist then swapped back to an electric guitar, while Willy got a little nostalgic, saying he and Cody were big fans of The Everly Brothers growing up. “We worked this up the other day,” he said in advance of “Bird Dog”. It created a fun atmosphere, and they kept some of those 50’s era vibes intact, while modernizing it some, too. Willy and Cody spent much of the song huddled around the main microphone, with Abeyta throwing in the “bird dog” part and such.

A few times this night Cody had busted out his fiddle, and he brought it out again here, using it for the intro to their next track, while Cody shook a tambourine. Miller started a clap along with the now couple hundred people who were now standing along the street (many of whom were a little further back from the stage, though still glued to the band). Already there was an unmistakable Irish jig sound going, and fans roared when Willy stated they were going to “take it on down to Ireland one time”, doing so with “Seven Nights in Eire”.

“We’ve been playing this song for a long, long time…” Willy mentioned, saying it was originally done by Richard Thompson. “It took a long time for us to learn it, but after doing it a couple thousand times, we feel confident it is the best song on the subject,” he finished. I’d say he’s right about “1952 Vincent Black Lightning” — another song that they have made completely their own — and it fit with the outlaw tones of some of their previous stuff.

Nazz bridged them into the following song; and with everyone back on electric instruments now, they were ready to finish strong, first serving up “Vancouver”. “Here’s a little Joe Ely for you right now,” said Willy. They had just enough spare time left to throw in their take on “My Eyes Got Lucky”, something all the Texas country music fans really went crazy over. Willy then led the charge into the final song of their 71-minute long set, “Nobody’s Girl”, which really seemed to personify these Red Dirt rockers spirit, leading to an awesome finish.

My first experience with Reckless Kelly was far better than I even thought it would be.  The showmanship they displayed was off the charts. Best of all, it never wavered; and by the time things were done, they had only grown into an even more powerful force.

It’s the type of performance that can only come after you’ve spent the better part of two decades together, logging a few thousand shows at least, and developing just the right chemistry amongst band mates.

This may have been my first Reckless Kelly show, but it certainly will not be the last.

They’ll be back in North Texas on November 7th at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth, though they have plenty of other dates around the Mid-West before then. Their full tour schedule can be found HERE. Be sure to head over to iTUNES and check out their albums, too.

Pepper Announces U.S. Headline Tour


Southern California-based alternative rock reggae bandPEPPER is hitting the road this Fall with The Movementand New Beat Fund in tow. Unlike previous tours, VIP upgrades will be available for every show, which gives their fans an exclusive intimate experience. Tickets are on-sale now.

This national headline tour is in support of their most recent self-titled album that was released in the latter months of 2013 via The Island Def Jam Music Group. Their single"F**k Around" peaked at #19 on the Alternative Chart, which is the band’s highest charting song to date. Broadening beyond the surf rock that they have been known for, the band challenged themselves and ultimately made what they consider to be their best record to date. From the feel good, head-nodding "Deep Country" to the sunshine-filled jam "Hunny Girl" to the radio-friendly anthem "F**k Around (All Night)", Pepper really expands the band’s palette. Since the release of their self-titled album, the band has been gaining momentum with performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and ABC as part of the X Games.

The tour kicks off at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson, AZ on November 11th, heads cross-country to the East Coast, and then circles back to the West Coast to conclude at Santa Ana’s The Observatory on December 14th. VIP upgrades can be purchased for an additional $50 per person. This exclusive package includes: meet & greet, photo opportunity, admission to pre-show acoustic set (setlist determined by VIP buyers’ votes), autographed poster, and a commemorative VIP laminate. Purchase advance tickets and VIP upgrades HERE.

Formed in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1997, Pepper built a huge following through their six studio albums as well as their non-stop touring with bands such as 311, Slightly Stoopid, Snoop Dogg, Pennywise, Less Than Jake, and Flogging Molly as well as impressive sets at Lollapalooza, Miles High Festival, West Beach Music Festival, and numerous rounds of Jagermeister Music Tour and Warped Tour.

Fall Tour Dates:
Nov 10 Rialto Theatre Tucson, AZ
Nov 11 El Rey Theatre Albuquerque, NM
Nov 13 The Aztec Theater San Antonio, TX
Nov 14 Warehouse Live Houston, TX
Nov 15 House of Blues New Orleans, LA
Nov 17 Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola, FL
Nov 18 Cannery Ballroom Nashville, TN
Nov 19 Terminal West Atlanta, GA
Nov 21 Ziggy’s Winston-Salem, NC
Nov 22 NorVa Norfolk, VA
Nov 23 The Howard Theatre Washington, DC 
Nov 25 Union Transfer Philadelphia, PA 
Nov 26 Irving Plaza New York, NY
Nov 28 Rapids Theatre Niagara Falls, NY
Nov 29 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH
Dec 01 The Blue Note Columbia, MO
Dec 02 Majestic Theatre Madison, WI
Dec 03 The District Sioux Falls, SD
Dec 05 Top Hat Lounge Missoula, MT
Dec 06 Knitting Factory Concert House Spokane, WA
Dec 07 Venue Vancouver, BC
Dec 10 Senator Theatre Chico, CA
Dec 11 House of Blues West Hollywood, CA
Dec 12 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, CA
Dec 13 Majestic Ventura Theater Ventura, CA
Dec 14 The Observatory Santa Ana, CA

The Rabid Whole Release “Problems” EP With Full Album Stream Available Online

imageToronto based Alternative Rock band The Rabid Whole have released their highly anticipated “Problems" EP, available for streaming on their SoundCloud. The Rabid Whole will be touring in support of the “Problems" EP with Cyanotic on the Terminatour this fall.

Stream the “Problems” EP HERE.

Purchase The Rabid Whole “Problems” EP:

Terminatour Tour Dates:
09/26: Chicago, IL @ Metro (Cold Waves Festival) (Cyanotic only)
09/28: Chicago, IL @ Underground Lounge (The Rabid Whole only)
09/29: Ypsilanti, MI @ The Maidstone Theatre
09/30: Cincinnati, OH @ The Rakes End 
10/01: Cleveland, OH @ The Foundry 
10/02: Pittsburgh, PA @ 31st St Pub 
10/03: Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joe’s 
10/04: Toronto, ON @ Bovine Sex Club 
10/05: Montreal, QC @ Piranha Bar 
10/07: Ottawa, ON @ Zaphod Beeblebrox 
10/08: Providence, RI @DV8 
10/09: Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13 
10/10: New York, NY @ Tobacco Road 
10/11: Baltimore, MD @ Club Orpheus 
10/14: New Orleans, LA @ Dragon’s Den 
10/17: San Antonio, TX @ Limelight 
10/21: Albuquerque, NM @ Low Spirits 
10/22: Denver, CO @ 3 Kings Tavern 
10/26: San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge 
10/28: Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge 
10/29: Seattle, WA @ Highline 
11/01: Los Angeles, CA @ Bar Sinister 
11/03: Oklahoma City, OK @ Voodoo Lounge 
11/04: Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room 
11/05: St. Paul, MN @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall 
11/07: St. Louis, MO @ The Crack Fox 
11/08: La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse

Follow The Rabid Whole:
Rabid Whole Official
Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Bandcamp


Brazilian-Born Guitarist Gus Sinaro is Sinaro - New Music Video for ‘No Salvation’ Out Now

imageBrazilian-born guitarist GUS SINARO is fast establishing himself as a worthy warrior in the world of heavy metal. After founding and fronting the successful metallic thrash act Symphony of Malice, SINARO is about to take on the heavy music world with his own eponymous project.

Building upon the whiplash-inducing drive of S.O.M., SINARO infuses that sound with a more melodic and anthemic sheen on debut release Darkest Hours (The Rebirth) and ‘No Salvation,’ the album’s latest single. The single’s accompanying music video, a gnarly, little urban nightmare, is available for viewing.

During his adolescence in Brazil, SINARO was quick to discover the thrill of heavy metal and hard rock after hearing Metallica, Iron Maiden and Alice in Chains for the first time. Hearing those bands ignited inSINARO a passion for singing and playing guitar. Pushing himself as much as he could, he became an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Then, at the age of 17, SINARO made the biggest investment in his musical career by moving to the U.S. After playing leads in a handful of local bands left him wanting, he decided to branch out on his own and create the sound he was hearing in his head.

This began with the inception of Symphony of Malice, a band whose sound was akin to that of SINARO’s peers in Trivium and All That Remains, but whose foundation was rooted in the stadium-sized thrash of bands like Metallica and Megadeth. Judgment Day (The Aftermath)¸ the debut album by S.O.M., garnered the group some commercial and critical success. That release, as well as a slew of gigs opening for monster acts like Trivium, DevilDriver, Drowning Pool, Korzus, Nervosa and Eye Empire, earned them a strong fanbase.

It also gave SINARO the confidence to go one step further and create his solo project. So, in February 2014, SINARO was unleashed upon the world in the form of Darkest Hours (The Rebirth) and its first single ‘Bullet Through Your Head.’ Building upon what he began in S.O.M., SINARO has taken the most extreme elements of his previous band and given it a bigger, more powerful approach. It maintains that metallic approach while incorporating a leaner, more hard rock sound, a la Alice in Chains, a major influence on SINARO and the record. ‘No Salvation’ is the latest auditory and visual onslaught from this revelatory release.

Ear-catching and earth-shattering, SINARO will continue to gain fans and followers worldwide.

Buzzing Philly Rockers MACH22 Release “Sweet Talk Intervention” via Physical Distribution through FYE and HMV

imageAs the name implies, MACH22’s rise is set to mach speed, with no turning back. The band has just announced that they’ve joined with FYE in the United States and HMV in Canada and the UK to distribute their new album,Sweet Talk Intervention. The record can be purchased digitally via iTUNES now.

Sweet Talk Intervention was recorded at Sound Dragon Studios in Nashville, TN, engineered by Ronnie Honeycutt, and produced by Jeff LaBar of Cinderella. The record was mastered at Sterling Sound in NYC by UE Nastasi, whose credits include AC/DCThe Ramones, and Led Zeppelin.

MACH22 is as authentic as you can get in a pure rock n’ roll band. Their songs span the emotional spectrum, capturing that classic feel with a modern rock edge. With their killer riffs, bluesy rhythms, and soulful delivery, they keep their audiences hooked for the entire set. Their sound is steeped in classic rock influences. There’s a hint of Guns N’ RosesLenny KravitzAC/DC, and Aerosmith, but it’s all MACH22, and it speaks for itself.

They may be young, but MACH22 has already racked up some impressive credentials: opening for SlashSteel Panther, Tom Keifer, Jeff Labar and performing in front of an audience of 75,000 at “Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival” and over 60,000 at the Rocklahoma Festival in Pryor, Oklahoma to name a few.

MACH22 is currently gearing up to tour North America to support Sweet Talk Intervention. Their live show is “where it’s at”, so catch them as they head to your town, and hear the unmistakable sound, of MACH22. See below for currently confirmed tour dates in the band’s local area:

Local MACH22 Dates:
9/26 Philadelphia, PA @ The Legendary Dobbs
10/10 New Castle, DE @ JB McGinness
10/18 West Chester, PA @ Fennario’s
11/29 Wilmington, DE @ World Cafe Live at the Queen
12/3 Philadelphia, PA @ The Legendary Dobbs w/ Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel

(Photo credit: Dan Williams Photography)

Nothing More Tackles Social Issues with “Mr. MTV” Music Video

In an age where most music videos seem to have become simplified, with just the band playing the song in front of a backdrop (with scantily clad woman somehow incorporated), the new video NOTHING MORE released yesterday for “Mr. MTV” comes as a welcome change of pace.

Sure, the video is partly of the four guys from San Antonio, Texas playing against a white background (creating a very sterile feeling environment, stifling to any and all creativity). And yeah, a few of the woman that appear in it have the stereotypical model look as they dance around in revealing outfits; though it’s the message the song carries, along with the rest of the footage, that makes this music video so powerful.

For those unfamiliar with “Mr. MTV”, the new single from Nothing More’s SELF-TITLED record tackles the issue of consumerism, and even what an obsessive culture we have become. From buying what we’re told to buy (i.e the latest and greatest gadget that you never knew you needed until now), to being given a mold of what beauty should look like, and if you don’t fit that, than there must be something wrong with you, right?

The video plays out partly like a propaganda film, with “subliminal messages” being worked in left and right, flashing by so quick it’s next to impossible to even see them. “This is a woman,” flickers across the screen when first showing the models, digging at the fact that people are told that is how all woman should appear, before quickly escalating with sentences like, “You are empty,” or “You’re inadequate.” “Debt is god,” it continues, further hammering home the fact that we’re made to think the only way to be happy is by constantly buying material possessions; while the word “conform” later appears.

The propaganda feel is also seen in the scenes with people strapped in chairs — eyes taped open — being indoctrinated to all these ways, before breaking free and revolting against their captors.

All in all, the video is riveting — even chilling — all the way through the end, which frankly, is a bit creepy. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting? Check it out above!

It is extremely thought provoking, and how many music videos do that these days? I find it even makes “Mr. MTV” a more powerful song, because the band has fully fleshed out the story they’re conveying in the lyrics, painting a vivid picture of what they’re singing about.

“Empty me, empty nation, emptied us of inspiration. Bastard sons and broken daughters; we all bow down to our corporate fathers.”

Nothing More will be crisscrossing the country through October. Their full tour schedule can be found HERE.

Centro-matic’s December Tour Looks to be Their Last

image(Photo credit: Matt Pence)

Late last night, Centro-matic announced some news that was heartbreaking to fans: an indefinite hiatus.

That is, perhaps, putting it mildly, as the letter singer Will Johnson penned makes it sound like the long-running Denton-based band is officially done, saying that, “the time finally feels right to celebrate the existence of this thing, then let it rest.”

Few bands last two decades, especially if they never receive any commercial success, and why Centro-matic didn’t is beyond me.

I was late to the party in the first place, only becoming a fan within the last few years, but upon seeing them I was enthralled, not only by their amazing songs, but also by their superb performance.

In many ways, this does seem like a fitting time to end the band. Their eleventh and most recent album was titled Take Pride in Your Long Odds; and while the odds may have never been stacked in their favor, this band kept on, making music not only because they loved it, but also because their ever loyal fans did.

So, if you’re lucky enough to be in one of the thirteen cities the band will be stopping in this December, make sure you go see them. Celebrate their career with them and rejoice in the fact that they existed in the first place.

After all, Centro-matic may have never been iconic (at least not on a large-scale), but they are a legend in their own right. The last of a dying breed.

"One thing that has resonated with us increasingly since the start is the devotion, love and generosity within our community of fans.  We were never the most popular band on the block, but the kind of long-running support we’ve received has been something consistent and immeasurable. The climate of music has morphed into a pretty different thing since we started. Even as the times have changed around us, the connection with our fans has easily and always provided our biggest source of inspiration over this incredible journey." - Will Johnson

(If you are not acquainted with Centro-matic, you can download a 24-song sampler for free HERE.)

December 2014 Tour Dates:

Dec 04           Nashville, TN            Mercy Lounge
Dec 05           Athens, GA                Georgia Theater #
Dec 06           Raleigh, NC              Kings Barcade *
Dec 07           Washington, DC       DC9 *
Dec 09           Philadelphia, PA      Boot & Saddle *
Dec 10           Brooklyn, NY             Rough Trade *
Dec 11           New York, NY            Mercury Lounge ^
Dec 12           Allston, MA               Great Scott ^
Dec 14           Buffalo, NY                 Sportmen’s Tavern &
Dec 16           Chicago, IL                 Schubas Tavern ~
Dec 17           St Louis, MO              Off Broadway ~
Dec 19           Austin, TX                  The Parish +
Dec 20           Denton, TX                Dans Silverleaf ~
Dec 21           Denton, TX                Dans Silverleaf @

# with Dead Confederate
* with Elephant Micah
^ with Anders Parker and Cloud Badge
& with Roger Bryan and the Orphans
~ with Telegraph Canyon
+ with Monahans
@ with Slobberbone

Dallas Rockers The Roomsounds new ‘Lay My Head Down’ Hits Sept. 30

imageThe four men who collectively call themselves The Roomsounds carry rock’s touchstone references in their bluesy, southern-tinged music, from the Beatles, Stones and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers to Big Star, the Black Crowes, Ryan Adams, Oasis and the Jayhawks. But their new single, “Lay My Head Down,” a manifesto about the healing power of rock ’n’ roll, paves its own way into the pantheon with a spirited groove durable enough to become one of tomorrow’s classics. Available Sept. 30, the song was written by lead singer/guitarist Ryan Michael and recorded at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Ala. The band was invited there by second-generation owner Rodney Hall, son of renowned songwriter and producer Rick Hall, after the younger Hall caught a video posted by a mutual friend.

Michael, guitarist/vocalist Sam Janik, bassist/vocalist Red Coker and drummer Dan Malone were fans of the studio and aware of its place in rock history, but the full impact of that history didn’t sink in until they arrived and absorbed the vibe firsthand. They couldnt help but capture the spirit of those who’d previously made music in that hallowed space, from Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett to Duane Allman.

The song follows their self-titled 2012 debut album, which led to a Dallas Observer nomination for Best Rock Act and a cover story in LIT Monthly as the publication’s Best Band for 2012.

The band, whose members transplanted themselves from New England to Texas after Michael found inspiration there during an extended visit, are still laying down tracks for an upcoming album. They expect to complete it during their upcoming visit to Muscle Shoals. But it took only one visit for Rick Hall to label them “the future of rock ’n’ roll.” Clearly, it’s in good hands.

Tour dates:
Oct. 2 – AT&T Patio Session, Sammons Park, Dallas
Oct. 10 – Dirty Rooster, Allen, Texas
Oct. 11 – Flying Saucer, Fort Worth
Oct. 16 – The Blue Light, Lubbock
Oct. 17 – The Golden Light Cantina, Amarillo
Oct. 18 – Goldthwaite Music Festival, Goldthwaite, Texas
Oct. 21 – Bear’s Den Pizza, Conway, Ark.

Nov. 22 – The Rustic, Dallas

Follow The Roomsounds: / /

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 – EDJ Electrifies the Crowd at Granada Theater

This night at the Granada Theater may have been all about Delta Spirit, though EDJ was charged with warming up all of the headliners’ Dallas fans, and there were a couple hundred there by the time nine-o’clock rolled around.

Eric D. Johnson stood alone on the sizable stage, sans the guitar he clutched and the keyboard that sit in front of him.

The rest of the instruments (such as drums) came in the form of sample tracks, which fired up as he began his first song, “Lose it All, All the Time”. As soon as he opened his mouth, his semi-nasally voice proved to be the most distinctive quality about him; while the song — which was the first of many he did from his recently released debut album — was overwhelmingly cheery.

“It’s good to be back in Dallas,” Johnson remarked, pointing out this was his first night of this tour with Delta Spirit, which meant the folks of North Texas were getting a very fresh performance from him, before the road had a chance to perhaps take a toll.

“Mostly Just Fantasies” had more of a minimalist sound to it, with the musician crooning at the start, “…There’s two kinds of people: those who are and those who aren’t…”. He then segued things directly into the next song, informing the crowd he used to be in a band called Fruit Bats, which drew a strong reaction from the onlookers. “This is something from that band,” he finished, before launching into “Dolly”. The all too catchy song left the audience singing his praises and applauding him, prompting a very sincere, “Thanks, guys!”, before keeping the chill mood going with “Odd Love”.

“For Joy” was perhaps the most impassioned song of Johnsons’ 41-minute long set, with the raw emotion radiating from his voice out to the audiences, who was cheering throughout the amazing track. The drums had been quiet for some time now, but the sample tracks with them kicked back up, taking him into another strong number.

“…You guys are cool!” he told the crowd before taking things back down some with “Child in the Wild”, a song which focused on how much more simple things were when you were young, and I think it had everyone there getting a little nostalgic. It was undeniable that what people loved the most about “For the Boy Who Moved Away” was the harmonica Johnson used at times, while he gently plucked the strings of his guitar with his fingers. The spectators were raving about that harmonica, which wasn’t even used much on that one, but he was about to give everyone a good taste of it.

“…This has more harmonica. I think you guys will like that…” he laughed before his final number, which didn’t require the guitar at all. “I save all my harmonica shit for the end,” he laughed, as he ended with “Minor Miracles”. The highlight came when he let out a powerful solo on that harmonica, and then walked over to stage right, where he continued singing the song, without a microphone. The track was light enough and the crowd was keeping silent, so you could still hear nearly every word he sang. The crowd looked on in awe, and it made for an awesome moment.

EDJ’s set was far better than I think anyone had anticipated.

Considering it was just Johnson, he commanded the crowd’s attention quite well, truly making it difficult to pull your eyes away from him. His voice was distinctive and uniquely his, fitting with his semi-quirky songs that were filled with emotion.

His music may have been vastly different from Delta Spirits’, but he set the stage perfectly for them.

EDJ will be on tour for most of September, with another series of dates in the latter part of October. A full list can be found HERE. You can also purchase his album in iTUNES.

Sunday, September 7th, 2014 – Starmother Serves Up Some Bluesy Rock at Gas Monkey

Despite being a free show at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, there wasn’t much of a crowd on this Sunday. That can’t be totally unexpected, given the bill consisted of a couple local acts and a touring band that I doubt anyone was familiar with beforehand.

Still, a little more than fifty people or were scattered around the massive patio that houses the outdoor stage; and those who did show up were rewarded with a show that they will not soon forget.

Opening the show was Starmother (who, until recently, was known as The Neckties); and while I had been aware of the band for a couple years, I had never managed to catch a show before this.

A new moniker also means new music; and in their 33-minute long set, they played many of the songs off their forthcoming Electric Mistress EP, opening with the title track, “Electric Mistress”. The instrumental piece got things off to a roaring start, with bluesy tones from lead and rhythm guitarists Charley Wiles and Blake Cheek, respectively; while Troy Bruner added a lot of tenacity with some pulse-pounding drumbeats, and bassist Robert Burroughs helped intensify that mighty rhythm section.

“How we doing tonight?” Blake asked everyone, while Troy bridged them into their next song. “We’re happy to be here with y’all,” he added, after letting everyone know who they were, and then they ripped into “Flat Broke Blues”. The band’s style is a mix of rock and blues, and it was demonstrated very well on that song, which was often rather fiery, with some sweet licks thrown in.

They kept the new songs coming, doing one that ended with a wicked instrumental finish, really highlighting these guys musicianship. The action packed end from it then spilled over into “I Don’t Need”, which was blistering from start to finish; and shortly into it, Blake sit his guitar down, embracing more of a frontman role as he belted out the lines on this soulful rock number.

They kept the adrenaline-pumping pace up with “Way Down”, incorporating a lot of energy into the song that was just a little more than two-minutes. Robert and Troy then took the reins, beginning a very rhythm driven intro for “Just Another Man”. It was a change of pace from everything thus far, as they slowed things down and showed off the softer side they are capable of. “…I don’t want to be just another man…” Blake crooned on the chorus of the song that was teeming with emotion. They also worked a great jam session into the song, which spiked once Charley knocked out a solo, and then the other instruments proceeded to escalate.

“We have an album coming out…” Blake told the onlookers, saying it would be out sometime this year. With that, they jumped back to the Chop & Change record they released under the old band name back in 2012, doing “Southside”. The name may have changed, but the style of music they play hasn’t much (apart from a little tighter sound), so that classic still fit with everything else. They had just one left after that, going straight into another jam that showed off their more tender side.

I’m really hating that it took me so long to see these guys. Their performance this night was great, and they put a lot of energy into it.

Blake possesses a great voice, often putting a lot of heart into his singing, while the music has a slightly fresh sound to it. They pull off the bluesy rock genre very well too, easily earning a top spot amongst other similar acts here in the D/FW area.

They have a couple of shows planned for October, one at Lola’s in Fort Worth on the 3rd, the other at Sundown at Granada in Dallas on the 11th.

Sunday, September 7th, 2014 – Goodnight Ned is Spot-On at Gas Monkey

Despite being a free show at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, there wasn’t much of a crowd on this Sunday. That can’t be totally unexpected, given the bill consisted of a couple local acts and a touring band that I doubt anyone was familiar with beforehand.

Still, a little more than fifty people or were scattered around the massive patio that houses the outdoor stage; and those who did show up were rewarded with a show that they will not soon forget.

The main support slot this night went to Goodnight Ned; who had released their debut album a little more than a month before this. And after regrettably missing that show, I was looking forward to finally seeing the Dallas-based rock/Americana band again, and now knowing most of the songs.

They focused heavily (though not exclusively) on Ned this night, opening with the vibrant “50,000 Years”, which seems to play to all their strong suits. The keys are often the driving force of the moody song; and about halfway through, Jonas Martin hopped up from his chair as he continued to bang away on the keyboard. The multi-part harmonies were also in full force, as Jonas, guitarist Conner Farrall, drummer Michael Munoz and bassist Matt Trimble chimed in with singer and guitarist Chase McMillan, creating an amazing texture.

“…One. Two. Three. Four,” Jonas counted, before starting them off on “Now I’m Gone”. He didn’t get far before stopping. “Wait, that’s not right,” he remarked, while his band mates and their large section of friends/fans chuckled. He got the notes right the second time around; and he also took over on the lead vocals, with some of the other guys lending their voices here and there on the soulful jam.

Upon finishing it, Connor made the official introduction, telling those watching that they were Goodnight Ned. “…AKA Starmother’s newest, biggest fans,” he added, giving props to the opener.  Their 41-minute long set then continued as they went back to the Smoke From the Sails album from a couple years ago, doing “Papa Jack’s Bag”. The highlight of it came at the extended instrumental outro they gave the track, which featured a lively piano solo.

After another song — which again had Jonas at the helm — the pianist informed everyone they had a cover planned, and it was by Father John Misty. “…He’ll be here in spirit in about five seconds,” he laughed, before they tried their hand at “This is Sally Hatchet”. It could seem like an odd song to cover, but a few months before this they did a show here at Gas Monkey doing a whole set of covers from Father John Misty. Chase was in charge of singing on it; and the bass lines Matt was knocking out sounded very robust, adding a little more kick to the tune.

“We’re happy to be here with you,” Conner mentioned afterwards, pointing out that the headliner, The Picturebooks, had come all the way from Germany. “Well, we came all the way from Lower Greenville,” Jonas added, before saying this next song was another off their album they had for sale. “No it’s not,” Chase told him, smiling at him. “Why do I keep saying stupid shit?!” Jonas asked aloud. At least he was able to laugh at himself.

Instead, they did one of the newer songs they have. Conner finally showed off his voice on it, which is smoother in comparison to Chase’s; while nearly the whole band partook in the chorus, “…Everyone knows you’re the scarlet letter.” They offered up one more, before Michael wound them right in to their closing number. “This is also a song about birds. But wolves, too, I guess,” Jonas informed everyone as they built up to “Wolves & Crows”. The aggressive song is arguably their best; and towards the end of it, Chase tore off from his mic, walking back towards the drums as they shredded on a quick instrumental portion.

I’ve got to say, it was nice finally being able to see these guys and be familiar with their songs. I also think this was perhaps the best Goodnight Ned show I’ve seen. It may not have been perfect, but the way they handled themselves was.

All five guys were working perfectly with one another, each delivering a precise performance that contributed to them being a well-oiled machine this night. You could tell they were in tune with one another every single second they were on that stage. That’s perhaps an unexpected side effect from all the harmonies that they utilize, because there’s even less room for error.

Even their movements were often done in time with each other, though it felt like they were just going with the flow rather than it being rehearsed.

With the recent release of Ned, Goodnight Ned has had a lot of buzz surrounding them, and if you saw the show this night, you know exactly why they are deserving of it. They really are a shining talent here in the scene.

They don’t have any shows listed on their calendar at the moment; though you should go check out their records in iTUNES.