Saturday, December 3, 2011 – Part I: Unity and Division

Yet another night down in Deep Ellum, and while my main destination may have been another venue, I had to make a pit stop at The Bone.

Monte Pittman was probably the main draw for most of the people here, though I had never heard of him before. Apparently, he plays guitar in Madonna’s band, as well as some other high-profile groups. Like I said, his name meant nothing to me, but the name, Dawn Over Zero, did. It had been around nine months since I saw some of my favorite Austinites, and I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

Their set time was 9, and they took to the stage just a couple minutes after. “How are we doing Dallas!?” asked vocalist and guitarist, Mike Mears. The place was already very busy, though everyone was caught up in their own conversations, and I was the only soul who made noise as a response. “No, no, no. That’s not what I’m looking for.” he said, again asking for some noise and got the desired result. “We’re Dawn Over Zero, from Austin, Texas…” he formally introduced themselves as lead guitarist, Steven Abbenante, took them into the first song, “Give and Take”. Mike began spitting the words out in rapid succession, “There were times in my life when I took a look in the mirror, and I watched as the day goes by…” I may not have gotten their new record until this show, but I’d been jamming out to the songs on their Myspace, and that one is hands down my favorite. Hell, I’ve loved it every time I’ve heard it, I just never knew the title. They followed it with the subsequent song on their record, “Kidney Stone”, then another real rockin’ number, “Short On a Dime”. Bassist, Jonathan Boyce, made sure to give thanks to everyone in between the songs, and Mike now took a moment to promote their record, stating that the songs they were doing could be found on it. That includes their cover of “Shattered Dreams”, which came next. It began very slow, with just Mike singing and barely playing the guitar, then, somewhere around the halfway point, they really exploded into the song. It seemed like they had only just begun, and they were already saying they had just a few left, with the single, “Carry Me Home”, being used to start wrapping things up. With the short set time they got, I hadn’t expected anything from their old EP, which made me slightly sad, since that’s the stuff I really know and can sing along to. And just when I was thinking that, they started their epic masterpiece, “Circulation”, to conclude their 28 minute long set.

I really wish they had gotten at least another ten minutes, ‘cause that only would’ve made it that much more enjoyable, but oh well. The show was still really great, though. Now, for some reason, Mack Linan was unable to make the show, so they had Kevin Abbenante filling in for him. Before the show he said he was nervous, but he damn sure didn’t act or seem it up on the stage. It was up to the par that Mack has set, and in fact, Mack might should watch his back. (Haha, I kid.) Kevin did do a great job though.

You MUST check out their new full-length, “Unity & Division”, as it is simply amazing. And apparently I’m the person to sell it to you, because I stood near their merch table as they rocked out on stage and had two people approach me and try to buy the record from me. You can also snag a free download of “Carry Me Home”, which is one of several songs on the compilation, Escaping the Ordinary: Volume Two. Again, that whole compilation is a FREE download.

Lastly, if you live near Pflugerville, go check out DOZ this Saturday, December 10th, at Hanover’s Draught Haus.

I should also note this was the first time I’ve ever seen a show on the indoor stage at The Bone, and the sound in there is immensely better then the one on the rooftop. It’s a pretty cool little place, just a little cramped with the tables in what is an already narrow section where the stage is at.

After that, it was time to head next door for some Quiet Company…

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