"The great thing about Buford, apart from his genuine music enthusiasm, is how he has no social scene walls, no clique-based boundaries in his music tastes. … It’s an example more of us should follow, honestly." - Alan Ayo, who writes the Local Music ‘Mericans column on the Dallas Observer’s website. Read the interview I did with him HERE.

"…He’s the music enthusiast for a reason…" - Ty Griffin (founder of Escaping the Ordinary) during an interview on WhiskeyBoy Radio.

"Its always a great feeling to hear positive words from a fan, but when "The Music Enthusiast" says such kind words, the feelings that result could be described as energizing and inspiring…" - Kris Newman of Krash Rover

"The most thorough concert reviewer in Dallas. If only everybody paid attention as much as Jordan does!" - Conner Farrall of Goodnight Ned

"I read a ton of music blogs and hands down your blog is the best I have come across." - John Sammel of CJS Production in a tweet to me.

"What you do is better than anything the Dallas Observer or Pete Freedman do." - A longtime Dallas musician who I will keep anonymous.

"…He writes some of the best show reviews I’ve read."- Rus Chaney, vocalist of Echo of Insanity

"…He’s the rain man of music…" - Matt "WhiskeyBoy" Blake of WhiskeyBoy Radio.

An INTERVIEW I did with Michelle Baxter who hosts Coffee Talk with Chelle.

"…But man, you totally scooped the Dallas Observer, who totally disregarded the fact we were even on the bill at all. Music Enthusiast for the win!" - Facebook comment from the band Oddlot, responding to me mentioning them in a blog post, even though I had missed there set.

"…His posts are informative AND interesting-qualities that some blogs only half muster…" - The band Lindby from a blog post on their website about my blog.

"Jordan Buford makes me smile every time I read one of his reviews (of any band, not just us)! His attention to the small details in each show amazes me and adds color and details that help you understand each band he writes about." – Eric Hawkens of Awake in Theory in a Facebook comment.

"This guy needs to be on the radio. I’m reading this and you can feel the feeling behind his words for everyone, as in all the bands and members." – Terry Kimmel of Awake in Theory in a Facebook comment.

"Best music critic in Texas (the world according to us)." - Kenneth Pritchard of Dead Mockingbirds in a Facebook comment

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