Hey, my name is Jordan Buford and welcome to my blog, my labor of love: The Music Enthusiast.

In May of 2005 I was first introduced to the local Texas music scene when, after leaving a Bowling for Soup concert, I was handed the latest compilation CD that Buzz Oven had released. The goal of that now defunct company was to get teens involved in the local music scene in the area, and after attending a couple of concerts they presented, I was hooked.

Skip ahead to March 2006, when, after seeing my first proper club concert, I decided to review it on Myspace’s blog feature (yes, I said Myspace. Remember, it was cool back then.)

Those early reviews were atrocious and errors of all sorts were abundant, but the cornerstone was there, and that was how I detailed each bands set, specifically covering their setlist from the night.

In the years since, I’ve seen and reviewed a little over 600 concerts (primarily from local Dallas area bands, but there have been plenty of national acts, too), and while I’m by no means a great writer, I have gotten better from those early days, and I like to think I have a style of writing that’s different from most.

My goal is simple: I want to turn you on to band’s you probably haven’t heard of and I want to do so by immersing you in what their show was like.

I’m a man of detail, and I try to capture everything of importance from a bands show (banter between songs, songs played, etc.) and write it down to give you, the reader, a taste of what the performance was like, and hopefully even the feeling of being there, while still adding my own critiques about each act.

I do this simply because I love it. Do I have bigger dreams and aspirations regarding this site? Yes, of course. But if I can turn just one person on to one of the many bands I love, then that’s payment enough.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my page. I usually make three to four plus new posts a week (consisting of reviews, my picks of concerts to see for the current week, and even the occasional feature piece on an upcoming concert or maybe an album review), so if you like what you read, bookmark it and check back as often as you can.

Oh, and for those who are wondering; the name The Music Enthusiast also dates back to Myspace. I had my page decked out in posters for different bands, which prompted a member of one band to ask if I was a promoter. I replied that I was just a local music enthusiast, and when the time came to finally give my blog a proper name, I adopted it from that.